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With television and Internet media telling us all what to think, what we want and where we should be five, ten or even twenty years from now, it's  easy for everyone to loose sight of what might really matter.


This is sometimes especially true for youth, tangled in  expectations and  voices of family, friend's, celebrities, peers and teachers issuing advice. 

Below you will find links to inspirational voices, real people speaking about the struggle to find purpose and direction - voices and multimedia clips that stand out from the blah blah as being moving and positive amongst all the uncertainty.

If you have created a valuable resource or know of another let us know. 

Nick Vujicic's Voice
Message: If I Can Succeed, So Can You!

nick Vujicic born without  limbs
Ashton Kutcher's Voice
Message: Believe in You
Steve Job's Voice
Message: Sometime's life's roadblocks open to freeways.

Ashton speaking about why any legit job is important
Steve Jobs inspirational graduationspeech
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