With television and Internet media telling us all what to think, what we want and where we should be five, ten or even twenty years from now, it's  easy for everyone to loose sight of what really matters.


This is sometimes especially true for youth, tangled in  expectations and  voices of family, friend's, celebrities and peers competing with their own sense of purpose.

Area of Study editors have compiled a list of six perceivably valuable ' Voices Matter'  videos for 2020 - voices that stand out from the blah blah as having something worthwhile to say to young people about matters impacting youth transitioning to independence.

If you have created a valuable resource or know of a valuable resource that speaks to a youth matter, please share your link and we'll consider it for our 2021 compilation.

Nick Vujicic's Voice

Message: If I Can Succeed, So Can You!


Ashton Kutcher's Voice

'Opportunity ' 'Being Sexy' and 'Living Life'


Marco Mero's Voice

Message: Be someone of value

Steve Jobs Quote.jpg

Steve Job's Voice

Message: Sometime's life's roadblocks open to freeways.

Emma Watson's Voice

Message: Gender Equality for All

Compilation of Women's Voices

Message: Women's Voices Matter