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Something Else?

Traditional pathways such as higher education or apprenticeships are not the only pathways available to youth finishing school.  Other pathways include, traineeships, internships, gap year programs, volunteering, enlisting, starting a business, or pursuing online courses and certifications. 

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Ok show me where to find something else.

Whether you're in a position to follow a non traditional pathway after high school of course depends on your unique circumstances and outlook. For those of you seeking  to explore other options, we've listed some potential starting points.


School leavers have a range of work opportunities beyond apprenticeships. Entry-level positions in retail, hospitality, customer service, administration, and defence services offer potentially valuable workplace experience. Additionally, roles in sales, warehousing, laboring, and entry-level positions in industries like healthcare, childcare, and aged care are available to school leavers prepared to work in exchange for a minimal wage. Job seekers can also explore casual, part-time, or full-time positions, as well as temporary work or gig economy opportunities.  job search platforms, networking, and career advice services provide platforms for sourcing entry level employment opportunities.


We've listed 5  organizations that  promote providing meaningful volunteering opportunities for youth to make a positive difference in their communities, develop leadership skills, and contribute to social and environmental causes they care about.

  1. UNICEF Australia:

    • Website: UNICEF Australia

    • Description: UNICEF Australia offers various volunteering opportunities for youth to support its mission of advocating for the rights and well-being of children worldwide. Volunteers can participate in fundraising events, advocacy campaigns, youth councils, and community outreach programs.

  2. Red Cross Youth:

    • Website: Red Cross Youth

    • Description: Red Cross Youth is the youth branch of the Australian Red Cross, offering volunteering opportunities for young people to make a positive impact in their communities. Volunteers can participate in humanitarian projects, emergency response initiatives, blood donation drives, and community outreach programs.

  3. Volunteering Australia:

    • Website: Volunteering Australia

    • Description: Volunteering Australia promotes volunteering and community participation across Australia. The organization offers volunteering opportunities for youth to get involved in various community projects, social causes, and advocacy campaigns.

  4. DoSomething Australia:

    • Website: DoSomething Australia

    • Description: DoSomething Australia is a youth-led organization that inspires and empowers young people to take action on social and environmental issues. Volunteers can participate in campaigns, events, and projects focused on sustainability, social justice, and community engagement.

  5. The Smith Family:

    • Website: The Smith Family

    • Description: The Smith Family is a national charity that supports disadvantaged children and families in Australia. The organization offers volunteering opportunities for youth to become mentors, tutors, and role models for children and young people facing educational disadvantage.


Opportunities for youth to join the defense forces offer diverse career paths, personal development, and service to the nation. Roles include Army, Navy, Air Force, and Reserves, each offering specialized training and career progression. Youth can enlist as officers or non-commissioned members, accessing various fields such as engineering, logistics, healthcare, and combat roles. Benefits include competitive salaries, job security, educational opportunities, and a sense of pride in serving the country. Entry requirements vary, including fitness, medical assessments, aptitude tests, and citizenship. Joining the defense forces provides fulfilling careers for motivated individuals seeking adventure, challenge, and meaningful service.


Do you have skills others will pay for? Are you the go to person for photographing events, baking cakes, detailing the car or bringing a dress design to life . Perhaps you could harness your skillset and develop your own business. With determination, careful planning, and a focus on providing value, young entrepreneurs have built successful businesses without substantial initial capital. See 3 success stories here.

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