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There are several types of scholarships on offer to both Australian and international students wishing to study in Australia.


Be aware that the value of scholarships vary significantly between providers and that he value of a scholarship may cover part or all of your tuition fees, your accomodation and living costs or both.


Additionally some scholarships are conditional- meaning you have to do something to get or maintain the scholarship.

  1. Australian Government Scholarships:

    • Explore the official Australian Government website for scholarship opportunities, including the Australia Awards for international students and domestic scholarships for Australian citizens: Australian Government Scholarships

  2. Universities and Tertiary Institutions:

    • Check with individual universities and tertiary institutions in Australia. Many institutions offer scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, or specific fields of study.

  3. Study Australia Scholarships:

    • Study Australia, an initiative by the Australian Government, provides information about various scholarships available to international and domestic students: Study Australia Scholarships

  4. Australian-American Fulbright Commission:

    • The Fulbright Program offers scholarships for Australian students to study, research, or undertake professional development in the United States: Fulbright Scholarships

  5. Endeavour Leadership Program:

    • Run by the Australian Government, the Endeavour Leadership Program provides scholarships for Australians to undertake study, research, or professional development overseas and for international students to study in Australia: Endeavour Scholarships

  6. The Good Universities Guide:

    • Explore scholarship listings on The Good Universities Guide website. They provide a comprehensive database of scholarships available in Australia: The Good Universities Guide - Scholarships


    • This website offers a searchable database of scholarships for Australian students, covering various study levels and disciplines:

  8. Industry and Professional Associations:

    • Check with industry-specific or professional associations related to your field of study. Many associations offer scholarships to support students entering their respective industries.

  9. Community and Nonprofit Organizations:

    • Some community groups and nonprofit organizations in Australia provide scholarships to support local students. Explore opportunities available in your community.

Where to for Scholarships?
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