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Where to begin?

'I want to be a tradie.'

Pursuing a trade career is a positive option for youth who  aren't interested in academic careers and prefer learning that is potentially more physical, practical and hands on. 

And of course many tradies combine their trade qualifications with business acumen to develop profitable independent businesses that employee others to service their growing demand.


Which trade?

Deciding which trade is right for you involves careful consideration of various factors, including your interests, skills, personality, lifestyle preferences, and career goals. Perhaps you already have a specific trade in mind or perhaps your'e open to a range of trades so long as they involve working outdoors.

MyFuture is an Australian government website that provides comprehensive career information, exploration tools, and resources. Users can explore career profiles, assess their skills and interests, and access career quizzes and assessments to help them identify suitable career paths.

How do I get started?

Once you've identified a trade to pursue, you might want to consider how apprenticeships, vocational training programs, and trade qualifications work together to build a job candidates successful trade career by providing opportunities for hands-on experience,  completing required training and qualifications, obtaining necessary licensing and building a your network and reputation within the industry. 

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways provides information and resources on apprenticeships and traineeships in Australia. Users can explore different apprenticeship and traineeship options, learn about industries and occupations, and access support services for apprentices and trainees.

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