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'Yeah well before I make a training plan, I need  some money for phone credit, somewhere safer to sleep and a shower.'

Planning long term careers and gaining secure employment can be pretty tough if for whatever reason you're living rough and don't have the support of family and friends.

Know that in Australia there are dedicated youth  support services (government and non government), purposed to help people navigate difficult financial and and other challenging life situations and move forward.

Services Australia for example provides regular basic income support for eligible youth who need it, and various not for profit organisations provide employment services and a range of other social support services, ranging from food relief to crises accomodation for diverse people in need.

Some of these support services are harder than others to navigate. If you experience barriers connecting with the services, make contact with someone who may be able to assist. If you're still at school, speak to a teacher or a councillor about your situation. if you're not and you've got no-one to trust and you're at crises point, and can't get the help you need, and your mental health is at risk maybe you should consider speaking to a GP.



Lack of sufficient money to pay for basic needs, like phone credit, safe accommodation, transport and personal hygiene products is a  common barrier to securing stable employment and yes navigating job boards and interviews  when you're tired, cold and hungry is particularly daunting and sometimes unachievable short term.


For those of experiencing a crises, we've listed some government and not for profit providers who may be able to assist. Please be aware that you may experience long waits trying to connect with some of these providers.


If you don't have phone credit or internet connectivity -you can make free phone calls form Service Australia centres and access the internet through your local library.

'Mission Australia is a national Christian charity motivated by a shared vision of an Australia where everyone has a safe home and can thrive.'

'The Salvation Army helps disadvantaged Australians without discrimination, including people who are hungry, homeless, abandoned or abused.'

'We offer safe, completely interest-free and charge-free loans of up to $2000 to individuals and families across NSW. The NILs Team can be contacted on 1800 484 664.'

'Services Australia's purpose is 'to support Australians by efficiently delivering high-quality, accessible services and payments on behalf of government.'

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