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'I just want a paid job.'

For many finishing high school, fulltime work at least for a while , may provide a solution to securing immediate financial stability, practical experience, personal development opportunities, and setting up a strong foundation for future career success or the financial backing for something different, down the track. 

If you're committed to the idea of full-time work, it might be prudent to research pay rates and long term opportunities.


Some Australian job websites and recruitment agencies specifically target school leavers and new graduates. We've listed 4.

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  • Website: Maxima Group

  • Description: Maxima Group specializes in providing employment, training, and community services, with a focus on helping school leavers and other job seekers find entry-level positions, apprenticeships, and traineeships.



  • Website: MIGAS

  • Description: MIGAS is an apprenticeship and traineeship recruitment specialist that helps school leavers and other candidates secure apprenticeships and traineeships across various industries, including construction, engineering, automotive, and manufacturing.

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  • Website:

  • CoAct is a not-for-profit and one of Australia’s leading employment services providers, supporting job seekers find meaningful, sustainable work.



Description: Busy at Work is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in providing employment and training services to school leavers, young job seekers, and apprentices. They assist with job placement, apprenticeship support, and career guidance.

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