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I believe; that in later years we relearn what we intuitively knew in childhood   - that what matters most is: love, family, friendship, security, a sense of meaningful purpose, and all the values that support that.

Secondary to these core values is the practical stuff - the stuff or skillsets we have 'learned' and learned to understand might better position us to 'succeed' in our: societies, professions and communities - whatever they may be. 

Personally, I am confident that my professional skillset for employment purposes is varied - highly developed: communication, research, organisational, facilitation and management skills - developed through both deliberate and incidental learning, - over 50 years of professional and lived experiences. 

In my opinion, there is employable and human value in an individual's capacity to learn what needs to be learned, to achieve what needs to be achieved and hold that my curiosity for both the creative and the concrete -not necessarily in equal measures - underpins confidence in my capacity to learn and adapt to new environments and challenges.

Although I am of the opinion that the value of a human employee is too subjective to be holistically assessed or measured in terms of 'criteria', I have also been a secondary teacher long enough to have 'learned', that addressing criteria is the standardised measurement of 'valuing' the merit of a paper/digital employment application and concede that in the first instance there is practicality in that. A statement of ways  my skillset addresses the criteria has been addressed in my cover letter.


Reviewing this 'About Me' blurb, I realise there is a level of unconventionality in the way I have approached the drafting of it. So I pause to ask - is it appropriate for purpose and audience? In honesty, yes. A closed minded workplace is not where I want to be.

Reflectively, the most satisfying role I have worked in has also been the most challenging and rewarding- teaching. In contrast, the least satisfying role I have worked in has been the least challenging, yet just as necessary- stocking shelves in a freezer supermarket to support myself through uni. In my late 50's  I am looking for something to do that is different - not necessarily something in between but certainly not something that is high conflict or mind numbing.

Idealistically, I would love to work in an ideas related role - outside the role of teaching in a secondary school

setting - and be part of a workplace that contributes something of value either socially, emotionally or financially to the lives of others. Whether that might be achieved through something aligned to education or through participation in a socially driven role  that contributes to 'better outcomes' for the vulnerable (people, planet and species) e.g., change campaigner, is perhaps  a matter of chance and entirely dependant on the opportunities that may present.

People who I admire today are different to the people I was conditioned to look up to in my twenties. Today I admire and respect people like Nick Vujicic (inspirational motivational speaker), Fred Hollows and everyday mum and dads who somehow find the will to turn up to work in factories or freezer rooms year in and year out  to provide opportunities for their children, that they may not have had themselves. Voices I think should be heard more often - particularly by youth - are the voices of those who question , what should matter most?  People and organisations  who irk  me, include bullies and manipulators, who mask in various forms.

"Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird."

Harper Lee - Atticus Finch (Character) To Kill A Mockingbird

So - if your workplace is truly a collaborative, respectful, collegial space, that strives to achieve  excellence  in whatever you do and you  are seeking an enthusiastic employee with a passion for learning - whatever needs to be learned to achieve whatever needs to be achieved - I would love the opportunity to learn about what you do and discuss ways I might contribute something of educational, social or commercial 'value' to your space.

After reading 'About Me' and perhaps further exploring this introduction, should you consider, that  my skillset and outlook  may be a  good fit for your workplace, and you would like to ask some questions, please get in touch to arrange a chat or something more formal at your convenience.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Resume. Bio. CV. Life.

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'A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.'    Muhammad Ali

International Museum of the Baroque


Dept of Education

Twenty six years - predominately teaching English in  NSW secondary schools and everything that goes with that. 

Blake Education

Co- authoring Instructional Educational Texts- 'Targeting Text' -  a standard English textbook for educational publisher - Blake Education.

The Fourth R

Teaching web authoring and software applications to adults and children at a time when the internet was in its infancy and 'Windows' changed everything.

Dept of Education

Assessing Standard HSC English papers- creative and essays - in both onsite and remote capacities.

Graffiti Movers /Rainbow Response

Sold as a going concern 2019

Over ten years experience multitasking - simultaneously teaching and developing and managing small business administration and everything that goes with that.



Circular Library


University of Wollongong
Majors:  History/English

Sub-majors: Psychology and Economics.


Today that looks similar to the subjects offered  here
University of Sydney
Qualified Methods: English and History

Feb 1985 -December 1986


Discontinued to be a FT mum

Subjects Completed: Legal Institutions, Contracts and Torts

Legal Practitioner's Board

Feb 1997- Dec 1997.






Fountain Pen
waterscape 1.jpg
Image by Charles Deluvio



Fountain Pen
waterscape 1.jpg
Image by Charles Deluvio

"Words are a lens to focus one's mind."
- Ayn Rand

"Words are a lens to focus one's mind."
- Ayn Rand

'Art is the daughter of freedom.'
Friedrich Schiller -1805


'Software programs have the capacity to consistently empower presenters and engage audiences way better than chalk and whiteboards ever could.' Me

'The whole world is now for me divided into two halves: one half is she, and there all is joy, hope, light: the other half is everything where she is not, and there is all gloom and darkness...'

Tolstoy - War and Peace (1869)

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