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Mature Age Career Transition ​ What does it mean to be a successful mature age career transitioner? Short Answer: It means navigating the discrimination wall and finding a way through.   Why does AGE discrimination exist against older workers? Short Answer: Age discrimination exists for the same reason all types of discrimination exist – majorities in positions of power hold the keys to opportunities and don't see value beyond the mirror.   So what does age discrimination in employment actually look like?   1.      It looks like an internet search for mature age job advice returning results from high profile recruitment companies that look like this? 2.      It looks like government agencies passing legislation to tackle the issue and funding gimmicky ‘upskill’ digital literacy and resume writing services to assist experts in a range of fields and professions reword their experinces to better match SEO driven criteria. 3.      It looks like job advertisements for diverse professionals e.g.,  tradies, managers, health care workers, being more about expertise managing onerous application processes  than about decades of actual expertise performance and knowledge  associated with the role. 4.      It looks like old maestros health professionals , business professionals, builders, and acoustic musicians  being thrown in the trash on the FALSE ASSUMPTION that they don’t have the analytical skills to learn basic technology skills to support their human achievements and intellect and FALSE ASSUMPTION that without technology skills they have nothing of value to offer . 5.      It looks like advising Einstein that without basic computer skills they should consider getting a job as a security guards. 6.      And … it looks like a workforce where the only people employed over 50 doing purposeful work, were employed 20 years ago and had the wisdom to avoid the wall and stay put.     So what can be done to improve opportunities for ‘mature’ age candidates?   Advocate!!! Equitable workforces for Gen X’s should  look the same (well at least similar) to equitable workforces for Gen Zs and Ys and GIVEN it is a fact they are not, it is time to call on governments to reduce the inequality by creating TARGETED MATURE AGE JOBS   EXAMPLE   POLICY CONSULTANTS WANTED AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT We are looking for ‘Maestro’s’ individuals with extensive experience in a range of industries to develop and manage a comprehensive ‘upskill’ website targeted at GEN Ys and Zs and purposed to reduce ageism in the workforce.   To apply tell us in 400 words or less what you would say? PS No technology skills? No problem, we have AIs to for that!!

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